Friday, August 15, 2014

Pai te ata ki oku hoa

An exciting day , although not as out and about as we have been in the past few days. We will meet Phoebe, my cultural ambassador and head off to the museum to see some cultural things. But first, we take to the streets of Auckland to see what else we haven't seen. Breakfast first at the Federal and Wolfe - amazing muesli and yoghurt with a wee bit of rhubarb saucy jammie stuff. It was sooooo good. Add in a latte and my breakfast was just right , hit the spot perfectly. Nathan and Steve had different things but equally as yummy looking. Steve's omelet looked like a giant egg pizza and Nathan's meal had Egyptian cheese and chorizo with soft boiled eggs and some great grain toast.

Breakfast finished and we head to Auckland University to check out the sights and also try to find some All Whites gear. It is very very easy to find All Blacks , but not so much the All Whites. Now before anyone thinks I am completely racist..............the All Whites is the National Soccer team and the All Blacks is the national Rugby team and the names come from the fact the they use either white or black in the name , with the exception of the women's rugby team which is the Silver Fern's.

So, back to what I was saying... we stopped into this one sports place called " The Champions" and when I asked for All Whites gear, the gentlemen in the shop rather laughed at me. Not impolitely , but still. I was glad when they took the time to explain that soccer is #3 on the list of sports adored in NZ. Now when I say #3, that sounds great , right? Well , not really as there are only 4 majorly followed sports and the 4th is just getting started. Soccer is behind Rugby and Cricket and only in front of basketball.

The Uni ( short for university) is in the middle of town , but edged by a lovely park. It looks progressive and inviting. Nathan did find the Law School without looking...... is this a sign?

The bookstore on the other hand was elusive and we needed to search it out more when we got back to the hotel. It is nice on one hand not to have access to the internet , but hard also when you are coordinating meetings with people. Luckily we found a coffee shop ( surprise? ) called Remedy Coffee and I was able to access the internet. Good thing as Phoebe had contacted us and given us a time of 12:40 is to meet to head to the museum. Finish our coffee , locate the team shirts we were hunting , run across a DD and head back to the hotel.

Everything successfully accomplished and we are now simply waiting for Phoebe....... and here she comes; and off we go to the Auckland museum and some Maori cultural exhibits.......

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