Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Good morning starshine!

It is Day 2 of the journey of a lifetime............. actually I think it is really day 3 but I am avoiding counting the travel time since it really is excruciatingly long! We made it to Tahiti and were greeted by traditional singing and dancing as we entered. I of course headed immediately for coffee and when we went to sit down and enjoy it, I found that I had wandered outside of the actual building and was now sitting amongst statues and palm trees with the sun rising and a gentle breeze blowing. Are you kidding me? I could live this life easily and not really worry too much about anything . Sure, but honestly, I would miss the kids and all the crazy things that happen at school.

Flight time is in about 40 minutes,  but as the sun comes up, I can see the most incredible mountains across on one of the outlying islands that make up Tahiti. But there is this really huge plane in the way of what would be the photo op of a life time. Can't move the plane, but maybe I can move me? Can't go on the tarmac; can't go past the ropes for the gate.. there must be a way... I ask the gate attendant if when we walk out to the plane , there would be enough time to stop and take a few shots. This creates quite a stir and they want to know what the shots are for etc etc etc.....I tell them it is to show my students in class and all of a sudden, I am now being escorted out onto the tarmac and told I can take all the photos I would like. I am thinking ," How cool is this?" Steve of course has no idea where I am and is a bit concerned when he sees me out near the planes.

Loading time!!! So this is a huge jumbo jet and we load about 30 people. We can sit anywhere we want .....I move to the windows and get a better look at the island as we leave - photos are beautiful ...getting settled back in for a 5 hour leg ... the last leg ( I seem to say that a lot lately! )...

We are here!!! Auckland , New Zealand!! What a gorgeous place from the air.... it is so green! OH MAN!! Those volcanoes are just indescribable !!!  Customs and luggage pick up are a breeze. We check in with Hertz ; car ready : check and then decide that the best plan of action is to wait for Nathan because that way we can just add him as a driver from the start. Besides, people watching at an airport is pretty funny..... 2 hours later Nathan has arrived, car is picked up, it is raining again and we are off to the hotel. The adventure has officially started!!!

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