Sunday, June 29, 2014

How much trouble can you get into into 14 hours?

The Day flew by.... well  what I can remember about it! As the iEARN group gathered and then gathered me into the warmth of group existence, we headed out into the streets of B.A ( Yup! We are comfortable enough now to call this place B.A - for short you know...) A quick look at a map and we were off looking for the big pink building that takes up and entire city block - the home of El Presidente. I guess for at least right now I should call her Mdme President. Lots of picture taking ensued and we checked out all the Argentina futbol gear , which means mostly stuff with Messi's name on  it. In front of the palace, we took probably the best selfie I have seen in a long time. We decided since the tour of the home was free , that we would take the government up on. We lined up, sent all of our stuff through the x-ray machine and got our English speakers tour tickets. First time in a long time we are all feeling pretty good about our navigational and communication skills when one of my partners in  crime discovered that she herself was a victim of crime. Someone had lifted her phone out of her bag and wandered away into the crowd................we were crushed. This beautiful and historic city had wounded one of the "family"....................we left and headed back to the safety of the hotel where we could watch the Brasil game and root against them.... it would be party on a epic scale!!

Game on! Vamos Chile!! Our dreams of watching the game ended abruptly when 2 more of our travelers suggested that we head out to the artsy section of town called La Boca. Great call actually! It was amazing and the handicraft work and paintings were sublime!! Tango dancers were everywhere and they offered lessons or for a few pesos you could dress up like a tango dancer, strike a pose and have your photo taken......... We were hunting for something else: FOOD!! local Argentinian food!! But here's the problem - it is now midafternoon............not a great call to fill up on food when we are supposed to meet up with others later.... but on the other hand , a great excuse to watch the end of the game which gone into crazy overtime and was headed for penalty kicks!! We found a local eatery - ordered empanadas and proceeded to watch the game with a bunch of crazy Brasil fans. Don't get me wrong, there were Chile fans there too , us and about 10 other fans. We did however find one lone Mexico fan , who had had slightly too much of a local beverage and was very happy telling us how much he loved the USA............... game over .... Chile loses a heartbreaker and our Mexican fan decides he wants pictures with his new friends and he wants to tango with one of the iEARN gals...... we needed to get her out of there fast , so we made our excuses and headed back on the bus to the hotel. Back in relative safety again, we took naps or showers or shopped and planned to meet up again around 8:30 for supper...............Have I mentioned that people eat at like 9-10pm and don't go to bed until 3 or 4 am. Apparently I had just missed all the partying when I got in this morning. Holey Moley ! Was it just this morning? Meeting at our scheduled time , we headed off again across winding streets and skinny  alleys until we reached a local place called DaDa. It was tiny and we got the last two booths in the place. Each ordered something different and we all got a taste of a taste of Argentina. My rib eye ( ojo biftek) was to die for............ As we finished our first 24 hours in B.A. , we walked down Florida Street and got the opportunity to take in a street show with some fantastic singing.  It was a beautiful brisk evening and the walk did us great. We have done so much today in a span of 12 hours it is hard to believe. The rest of the group who's flight was delayed had arrived and was hungry so off they went and I put this tired bag of bones to bed for what I hoped would be a well deserved night of rest.....

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  1. Busy day. Too bad about the phone. Sounds like you're having a blast down there!