Saturday, June 28, 2014

a brand new start

This a brand new and squeaky clean.... at least at the moment there are no cutesy pictures or engaging fonts..... that will come when time provides. However, the point of any blog is to get the skinny out there as it is happening and so here goes! I am here! Well , my body is here............. my brain is somewhere trying to slumber and not doing that at all ..... so it has effectively ceased to function on any high level activities.

So where was I , oh yes .. I am here. Where is here you ask? Here is downtown Buenos Aires at 9:28 in the morning. I have been travelling since 5 am Friday morning and the adventures didn't really start until today. I had a rather uneventful flight from Charlotte to JFK and except for what seemed like a never ending layover can only be described as normal. My flight on Aerolineas Argentinas began as we all lined up to board. Now you have to understand, this is a chica that has been through the transformations of travel and boarding since it was logical and by the rear of the plane first to the cattle car ,  herding mentality that is most prevalent  today. So , I digress.... as I said, we all lined up herd mentality to get onto the plane. Now, I am thinking... this must be a really full flight based on the number of people crowded into the waiting area. It was a pleasant surprise when we were all boarded and the two seats between me and the next passenger were empty. See now in my mind, that means we each have two seats to spread out in and sleep overnight in the flight.

Mistake # 1 : don't assume anything about extra space.

The other passenger to share my wealth of space was smaller and shorter than me. So... logic says she can't possibly take up more than her share of the seats, right? Au contraire! She feel asleep first and she hade almost three seats worth. Hmm, says I ..... gotta squish in here somehow and I did manage to contort myself so that I was completely off the floor.............. a bit uncomfortable , but she finally got the point and then we shared.

Mistake # 2 Don't assume that you will get edible food on an country's international flight just because you have in the past.

Whew! Not even sure what the orange stuff was that was swimming around in the little metal dish, but hunger dictated that I scoff it down and so I did. I ate more carbs in that small meal than in a whole week I swear.

Mistake # 3 Don't assume that because you look pitiful you will get help.

Actually , I was told I was functioning quite well on my limited Spanglish and the further adventures of the day will bear that out. I was grateful for one flight attendant who picked me out as an American almost immediately. I wonder if it was the bright red , sparkly, sequined hat with stars all over it?? She was very pleasant and not the least condescending  , like geesh stupid American - could you please know Spanish? She worked with me as I muddled through with hand signals, English and shaking my head as I understood the Spanish that she was using.

Breakfast was a carb delight again and so I opted for the yogurt and a very strong cup of black coffee. Somewhat awakened from that , I was ready to land in 10 minutes! What , you said how many minutes? 10 ? But... But.... I mean I haven't used the toilet, or brushed my hair or teeth....... I can't leave my seat now...... ok......guess it will wait. Landing was smooth..............probably the smoothest I've felt in years .... it is very dark so I can't see to much of the city. That will come later when the group gets here and we tour about. Thus endeth the first leg of the journey. Meeting everyone in 4 hours or so.

WHAT?!!!!! Say it isn't so! Their flight has been cancelled/delayed and they never left? Not leaving until this morning and arriving at 8:30 pm? Do what? 14 hrs in an airport waiting? I think not!! So off I set.............not idea where I am going and only a hotel and booking person's name between me and the mean streets of Buenos Aires............................... 


  1. Brave lady!!! Cozee has his hands full watching out for you... :) Keep the adventure blogged please! Kimberly

  2. Sounds like international travel. You'll be fine! Have fun exploring!

  3. Sounds exciting! I'm certain by now you've found your hotel room and brushed your teeth! I've enjoyed the blog so far... I hope to be able to keep up with it this time! Have a great time exploring and learning!

  4. What is the goal of your teaching adventure in Argentina? Other than thoroughly enjoying yourself I mean... :) Kimberly

  5. Kim, I was presenting on global learning in the classroom and taking in sessions to teach me more!